Born in Cuba, Orestes learned at a young age both to work hard and also to cherish strong family values. A precocious student, he quickly mastered all the available classes in math, science and technology. Despite graduating top of his class, he realized he could never have the future he wanted unless he could leave the island. While still a teenager, he undertook a risky voyage on a small raft, crossing the perilous Florida straits to find freedom.

Arriving in Miami, he was soon studying for a career in information technology. Before long he had founded his first consulting firm, Multiplayer World, Corp. and has been going full throttle ever since. His resume includes an impressive roster of programming and development skills, including game design and programming, software and systems architecture, as well as network engineering.

An avid video gamer, (his Everquest avatar was the fearsome necromancer Primitivo) he has served for many years as Senior Programmer and Chief Technical Officer for Multiplayer World Corp. More recently, he founded and serves as CEO of Rabid Bear Gaming Studios Corp., creators of the zombie chase game Ninja Cow Run, as well as the MMO Anachron Worlds without End, projected to be available as an alpha download in the summer of 2015.


Jason is our Creative Director here at Rabid Bear Game Studios. He has 20+ years experience in both digital and traditional media disciplines. Jason studied at Henry Cogswell College in Everett, WA majoring in Digital Art. Prior to that he attended Shorline CC in Seattle, WA majoring in Multimedia and Graphic Design.


Doug is a CPA, CGA, and has a business degree. He provides clients with over 20 years’ experience and a drive to create work that gets results. In spite of his background he never forgets that work should be flavorful and fun. He has an affinity for technology and electronic toys. He is our gadget man with the numbers. When not working his magic, Doug enjoys photography, and aspires to be a regular at the gym. At home he is outnumbered by his wife and two daughters. That explains why he sometimes comes across as the strong silent type.


Born in the sea islands of South Carolina, Peggy graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, where she developed an abiding interest in both internet law and epidemiology. After a stint at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, she and her husband moved to Miami, where she raised four sons, while in constant danger of testosterone poisoning, as her boys worked their way through the entire video game pantheon, from Prince of Persia and Legend of Zelda to Everquest, Worlds of Warcraft, Call of Duty and beyond. Now that they have moved on to girls and cars, she spends her spare time exploring the many worlds of Anachron.